SCEAT (società costruzione et applicazione termo meccaniche) was fonded in 1955 with the pre-fabrication of small heaters with solid fuel and traditional fuel. In few years thanks to the hard work and high knowledge of the business partners and their co-workers, SCEAT reaches a true industrial identity able to pre-fabricate heaters of high dimensions to conquer an extensive market.

In the Seventies SCEAT is one of the first companies in Italy for the pre-fabrication of heaters with solid fuel and traditional fuel.

The know-how and the ability of its employees induces SCEAT to diversify also the type of construction of heaters bringing innovations such as the introduction of dia-thermic oil generators.

Dia-thermic oil in these machines can reach very high temperatures till 300°C without using generators for the production of steam or over-heated water in which the final user should consider also the licensed conductor.

In addition SCEAT was one of the first companies in the projecting and building of generators for the production of fast steam.

The range of SCEAT products can satisfy different needs from private home to big industries, hospitals, spas and food industry.

In the 90s SCEAT enters also in the "OIL AND GAS" and "OFF SHORE" field with the pre-fabrication of “TANK” and “BI- AND TRI-PHASE SEPARATORS”.

Nowadays, thanks to new collaborations, SCEAT places itself among the first heater constructors at National and International level.

Energy crisis and the high cost of fossil fuel pushed SCEAT to invest and develop new renewable fuel-burning ( BIOMASS) products in the full respect of the environment with the introduction of movable grill systems and innovative burning control systems.







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