MTN series

MTN series heating boilers

Multi-fuel hot water boiler with three fume cycles with wet combustion chamber, especially suited for burning wood shavings pieces of wood and other solid waste fuels in virgin state.

Built of quality carbon steel, with walls reinforced with tie rods.

Hearth made of thermal cast-iron bars incorporated in a base shielded by rammed lining with a high percentage of alumina and with rock wool panels fitted underneath.

Tube nest welded to high-thickness tube plate.

The plates are complete with insulating coating to upgrade boiler insulation and prevent accidental contact with hot parts.

Fully wetted rear inversion chamber.

Shell insulated with thick rock wool mattresses, closed by painted metal-plate panels that can easily removed for inspection and/or maintenance.

Front fume casing, easy and quick to open, shielded by rammed lining with high alumina percentage.

Rear fume casing complete with doors for removing ashes and fume extraction adjustment system. The model BTM-AC boiler is complete with a panel containing operating thermostat, safety thermostat, thermometer, hydrometer and tools required for periodical cleaning.


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