SCEAT with its pluriannual experience in the thermo-mechanic field for the production of heaters and steam generators, aims to offer high quality products able to satisfy needs and expectations of its clientele.

To accomplish these goals, SCEAT pays attention to the following guidelines:

  • Priority of the customer

Knowing the importance of the relationship with its clientele for the growth of the production of the company, SCEAT makes any effort to guarantee full and constant loyalty to its customers thanks to the complete fulfillment of all requests.

  • Quality first

In the constant will to improve the quality of the product provided and in the awareness of the advantages in management, SCEAT has chosen to follow the UNI EN ISO 9002 guidelines and its Quality System. For this reason SCEAT commits itself to accomplish all its directions in full respect of law requirements.

  • The importance of the employees for the quality of the product
In the awareness of the importance of the professional level and of the know-how of its staff for the continuous improvement of the product, SCEAT s.r.l. focuses on the constant training of the employees, making them aware and responsible of the whole working process to create a pleasant and efficient relationship.
Safety and protection of the environment are primary goals for SCEAT srl during the whole working production. SCEAT srl meets all law requirements regarding safety and protection of the environment.

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